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Unity Village, Missouri

Our History

Unity began in Kansas City in 1889 with the publication of   a magazine by Charles Fillmore, "Modern Thought."

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, husband and wife, are the co-founders of what turned into Unity School of  Christianity, and a movement that offers teachings to enrich any faith or lifestyle.

They didn't want to start a new religion or found a church, but as people came together to study the ideas that Fillmore was teaching, the model of having Sunday gatherings and forming a spiritually based community gradually evolved.

This Unity group in Muskegon was formally begun in 1958 by a study group of people who wanted to have a duly recognized Unity Church, affiliated with the headquarters, Unity School.

Our beautiful church building was purchased in 1985. The church grew mightily under the leadership of Rev. Ronel Sinstead and his wife, Rev. Cori Sinstead. We continue to maintain our facility with love and care, and we are very blessed with individuals with the knowledge and skill to keep us up and running.

​In this new millium of the 2000's, we are creating a shared, sacred history together as we come together to put on events to which all of us contribute our gifts and our creativity.

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