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 SUNDAY SERVICES available for viewing
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Rev. Diane Stark

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      Spirituality is found in new meaning, sharing our stories,  and envisioning a greater good for humanity.  We honestly feel that the best way to be a spiritual center is to have as much enjoyment as possible with as many folks as we can.  This is the path of freedom and enliightenmente that spirituality creates. 
     In community, we flourish.  In community, we thrive.  Our purpose is to be that space of community where authentic spirituality can be the dominant theme.

Sunday Sermons  2024

In person service 11:00am

May  5  The Ten Commandments, a Modern Interpretation

May 12  Expressing the Mother Within

May 19  Spring Concert with the Unity Singers

May 26  What If . . . Humanity Hadn't Chosen War?


June 2  A life That is Stress Free

June 9  A Life That is Pain Free

June 16 A Life That is Depression Free

June 23 A Life That is Anxiety Free

June 30 A Life Without Grief

July -  Examining the Work of Spiritual Masters:

           July 7 - Sadhguru

           July 14 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 

           July 21 - Joel Goldsmith

           July 28 - Charles Fillmore

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